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Who would have thought that our crazy idea to sell the house in 2016 and travel would have taken us all over the world the last 3 years?!

We seek out amazing family adventures around the world, exploring cultures & gaining memories with children, the Retired Toddlers.   


Follow us as we share family travel inspiration and read all about our travels and favorite destinations below.

Heard of us on Television?  In a magazine?  On a podcast?  

Here are a few of the places you may have found us...



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Salām 'alaykum from Egypt! Egypt is one of our favorite trips we've ever taken! From a trip down the Nile to the Pyramids to an overnight train ride there was something exciting for everyone in our family!

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The Retired Toddlers took on Barbados! From catamaran sailing to Flying Fish learn about all the best experiences in Barbados with kids!

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Visiting Laos with kids was quite the adventure! From the Mandaloa elephant experience to a boat ride on the Mekong River we had unique experiences in Laos!

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 So many delicious healthy food options in Ajijic, Mexico - Vegan & Organic Restaurants, Health Food Stores, Gluten Free Options, Organic Farmer's Market! Something at every corner.

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My hubby, Jake, put these together for some friends who were visiting us this summer in Rhode Island. I’ve since forwarded them on to a few others and finally decided I should just share here, as I’m sure others will find them useful.

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We visited Grand Cayman from mid October - mid November, staying out on Rum Point, which we found to be a great choice for families. It's less crowded, but still a lot to do.

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Rovaniemi, Finland is a magical winter wonderland. We ventured into the Forest of Joulukka to visit Santa at his Secret Command Center and it will forever be one of our favorite memories.

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We cruised 30 days on Holland America Westerdam Trans-Pacific Crossing, we flew, we rode buses and we traveled by car. We were in the cold Alaskan Fall, the heat of Southeast Asia and the festive winter in the Baltics!  In 80 days, we travelled through Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Japan, U.S (Alaska & NYC), Canada. 

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