How We Make Money Traveling the World

Wonder how in the world the Retired Toddlers make money to travel the world?

Want to travel around the world? Think you need a million dollars? I’ll give you a clue, we didn’t have a million dollars, we have never received any trust funds, nor did anyone give us any money.

I’m not scared to talk about money - in fact, I think it’s a good thing to discuss! We love our traveling family lifestyle and if others want to do the same, why wouldn’t we want to be transparent and show how we do it so they can do it for themselves!

So how did we do it?

Prepping for Travel

We have always been careful with money and lived below our means. I think that set us up to be successful as a full time traveling family because even when we’ve had good jobs and made good money, we set that money aside to spend on experiences and travel instead of luxury items.

When Jake was working we saved money and spent below our means. We also contributed heavily to retirement funds and investments - and even now we don’t touch that money!

Before we started traveling, we always had one car that we shared. It was nothing fancy but we decided to keep it instead of upgrading and save our money for things that were more important to us.

In 2016, we sold our house, investment property, and furniture. If I had known we would have continued traveling like this I would have sold everything!!! We still have a POD we pay too much for every month filled with a lot of items we really don’t need, but enough that is meaningful to us - such as old family photo albums.

We are not “Trustafarians”

In some news articles that have been written about us, some commenters assumed me were “trustafarians”. I can assure you that’s not the case! We haven’t received any kind of trust inheritance or financial support from our families - which means you can do it too!

Keep reading to find out how we pay for our travels around the world.

Why I Started a Business with Beautycounter

Even before our plan to travel the world, I started a direct retail business in 2015 with Beautycounter.

A lot of people think a 9 to 5 job is the safe and secure option. Personally, I’ve seen too many times where positions are eliminated due to restructuring or the economy tanks and jobs are lost. I personally think it’s a safer bet to build multiple streams of income.

I saw a lot of potential and security in the residual type of income from starting a business with Beautycounter. But I wasn’t going to join just any company!

I need to be able to stand behind a company’s mission and really believe in what they were trying to achieve.

When I first started with Beautycounter it wasn’t because I needed money at the time. Rather it was because I wanted to be part of what they were doing for transparency & health ... and I saw a lucrative residual financial opportunity & future benefit of starting a side income stream. And thank goodness I took that leap of faith and began that income stream.

Fast forward, we started traveling the world and were tapping into the money from the sale of our house, we didn’t want to dwindle all of that without having something to put back - so I ramped up my Beautycounter business.

Building a business with Beautycounter has allowed us to fill our bank account and travel longer than we ever imagined we would be able to. I’ve almost doubled my paycheck every year since starting my business - and I’ve never lost money.

It has allowed me the flexibility to put time into work while still being there for my kids. And it’s something I can fit in with our travel schedule.

Beautycounter is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

But if you’re serious about building a Beautycounter business and you consistently work on it, you can achieve success.

I love the community on my team and helping others achieve their goals. With Beautycounter I’m able to be a part of something that’s bigger than what I could do on my own.

To make positive change you need a lot of voices - and that advocacy is one of the reasons I love working with Beautycounter. They are trying to help make brands more transparent and advocate for more health protective laws - all things that I’m passionate about, too!

You can do this, too!

We’re just your average family - there’s nothing special about us that made our traveling family lifestyle possible, no secret sauce. We simply had a big idea and went for it. And we have found some non traditional ways to make money.

While I don’t believe there’s really any such thing as failure, we’ve “failed” many times! We’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t worked. But we knew we wanted to make it possible to be a full time traveling family so we kept going until we found something that works for us!

And what’s working now is my Beautycounter business.

If you’re interested in seeing how the Beautycounter opportunity could bless your life, send me a message! Or click here to request free samples of the clean beauty products that have truly changed my life.

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Michelle is a full-time traveler who also runs a business with Beautycounter.

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