Around the World in 80 Days

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel around the world in 80 days with kids?  We started this trip in Cincinnati and ended it 80 days later in the same Southwest Airlines gate in Cincinnati.  We cruised, we flew, we rode buses and we traveled by car. We were in the cold Alaskan Fall, the heat of Southeast Asia and the festive winter in the Baltics!  It was a mix of everything and experienes we'll never forget through Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Japan, U.S (Alaska & NYC), Canada. 



Check out all 80 days in our quick 1 minute videos below or here on YouTube



Leaving Cincinnati, OH, USA, for an around the world experience with kids!



Driving across the border to Canada to catch our Holland American cruise with kids!


The gorgeous inside passage in Alaska vai Holland American Westerdam.


A tour we booked through Holland American to visit Mendenhall Glacier and go to a yummy Salmon Bake!


Glacier Bay with kids aboard Holland American's Westerdam.



Holland America Westerdam Unobstructed Ocean View Cabins - we got two of them connecting!


We rented a car in Kodiak Alaska and took ourselves on a driving tour around the island!



Onboard Holland American's Westerdam with kids:  Trans-Pacific Crossing



Cruise Stop:  Hakodate, Japan


Day at Sea Holland American's Westerdam : Towel Animal Jungle - The kids loved this!


Cruise Stop: Train into Tokyo


A fun, spontaneous day in Shimizu, Japan : The port was full of activies for our cruise boat and these youngsters took us on a tour!


Yummy ramen in Osaka, Japan


Cruise Stop: Beppu, Japan with kids


Fukuoka, Japan - we failed to take pictures!


 So much fun trying new foods through Busan, South Korea with kids!


Dancing in the streets of Sasebo, Japan


Cruising on Holland America's Westerdam with kids:


Wondering around Dalian, China: 


The Great Wall of China with young kids : Holland America Shore Excursion


Aboard Holland America's Westerdam : Day at Sea


 Cruise Port: Qingdao, China


Bridge Tour : Holland America Westerdam



Our 30 days cruise with Holland America has ended, now time for land travel: 


Journeys Within Tour: Cooking with a local family in Vietnam - outside Hanoi:


Hanoi Vietnam with kids


Rest Days when we travel are vital:


Biking through Ninh Binh Vietnam with kids


We loved Ninh Binh Vietnam - great place to take kids! Biking, Boats & Bat Caves in Nihn Binh


Learning to fish in Ninh Binh Vietnam & seeing Delacour's Langur Monkeys - rare species of monkey that are almost extinct


Tam Coc Horizon Bungalow in Ninh Binh Vietnam with kids


Junk Boat in Ha Long Bay Vietnam with kids - so fun!


Red Dragon Junk Boat : Ha Long Bay Semi-Private 2 night Cruise!



Junk Boat Cruise in Ha Long Bay + Pearl Farm



Luang Prabang, Laos Temples - Custom Tour with Journeys Within with kids


Mekong River Laos + Whiskey Village and Buddha Caves



Luang Prabang Home Cooking Experience - a must in Laos!


Swimming in the waterfalls of Luang Prabang Laos and walking through the paper making village!


Life changing experience walking through the jungle with elephants in MandaLao


Tuk Tuk in Luang Prabang


Luang Prabang Laos with Kids



Put this on your bucket list:  MandaLao Elephant Conservation with kids ; one of the most amazing experiences!



Walking through the jungle in Laos with these beautiful MandaLao elephants - a must when in Luang Prabang


We made it to Thailand


Our floating market expereince in Bangkok with kids


Visiting the WFFT Wildlife Elephant Refuge & Animal Rescue in Thailand with kids


Loi Krathong Full Moon Celebration in Hua HIa, Thailand at the Hilton Resort


Weather Change! We made it to Estonia!


Christmas Markets in Tallinn Estonia with kids + the best hot chocolate in Tallinn


 Medieval Old Town Tallinn Estonia at Christmas Time



Jake found his long-lost exchange student from high school in Estonia!


Tallinn Christmas Markets at Night


We fly from Estonia to Finland:


Rovaniemi Finland with kids for Christmas 


Santa Park's Dream of Joulukka Experience to visit Santa in Flanda at his Secret Command Center. 

More details in our Finland blog post here!


Elf School at Dream of Joulukka Christmas Forest:


Elves in Finland in Joulukka Forest!


Finding Santa's Secret Command Center in Rovaniemi Finland - in Joulukka Forest


Santa Park in Rovaniemi Finaland with kids!


Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemmi Lapland Finland


 Riga Latvia Old Town & Christmas Markets 


Santa Fun Run in Riga Latvia


Festive Christmas Markets in Riga Latvia!


 Bus in the Baltics - Travel from Latvia to Lithuania via Lux Express Bus - super nice!


Uzupis & Vilnius Lithuania Tour


Christmas Markets in Vilnius Lithuania


NYC for a day and back to Cincinnati - the exact same spot with started from 80 days prior!




You made it this far ... one final video for you!





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