5 Lessons I Learned from Traveling the World & Building a Business with Beautycounter

September 9, 2019


Who would have thought that our crazy idea to sell the house in 2016 and travel would have taken us all over the world the last 3 years?!


It's funny how when we travel having the best dressed kids and a perfect house (or really any house at all for that matter!) does NOT matter. Sometimes we waste a lot of time caring about things that don't truly matter and not enough time caring about things that truly matter in living a good life ... namely our health.


In our time as a traveling family we've learned a lot.

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Being up close next to an elephant in the jungle of Laos is truly magical.




Henley has her own style and will rock it no matter where we are in the world!




And we've fallen in love with more places than we can count while meeting the most amazing people.



In the middle of all this travel, and from every corner of the world, I continued to grow my business, with an amazing brand called Beautycounter, into more than I could have dreamed.


Here are the 5 lessons I've learned from traveling the world with my family and building my Beautycounter business.


1. Dream Big, But Go For It Now


Too many times we think our dreams have to be so far in the future, but the truth is, we can live out some of those dreams sooner than later. Make it a point to start living out your dreams now. If I hadn't said "yes" to the Beautycounter opportunity, my life would look very different right now! I started the business without any plans to travel. When we did decide to travel the world, I had a business in place that I could grow virtually!


Whether your dream is to earn extra money or enjoy more flexibility, or surround yourself with a tribe of incredible uplifting people or actually have fun while making money, the first step is going for it. Try it. Dream big, what do you have to lose?



2. Health is Everything


Without it, it's hard to do anything. We sometimes take for granted how important it is to take care of ourselves and our health. It's everything.


When I first started looking for products that would be safer for my family to use, I was a little overwhelmed. Grateful for the transparency and safety screening that Beautycounter does so diligently, I knew I had to be a part of the solution for safer products! As my family has strived to make small changes here and there to our lifestyle, I’m also grateful I can help others make healthier choices for their families too.  



3. You Can Pack a Lot into 1 Year


A year of travel feels like a lifetime of experiences. It's crazy how having so many unique experiences fills your year and hearts and memories.


Look back to where you were a year ago. Has this last year been everything you wanted it to be?


Now look forward a year - where do you want to be? What experiences do you want to have?


Even in the past year my business has grown SO much, all while traveling through multiple countries! {We’ve been to 40+ countries in the past 3 years, as I’ve simultaneously grown my Beautycounter business and doubled my paycheck every year!}  


Growing a business takes work, but the flexibility to build a residual income is amazing. I’ve learned that the key is not how many hours you work, but finding ways to fit my business in consistently and intentionally. Those 5 to 30 hours per week I spend on growing my business add up to big results over a year.


I’m happy to discuss how I got started and help you create a plan to achieve your goals.



4. You Meet People that are Truly Interesting & Unforgettable


You learn to appreciate people and cultures and religions and perspectives. Similarly in my business I've met the MOST AMAZING people!!! Our team is supportive and encouraging. We all come from different backgrounds, have different reasons for choosing to align with Beautycounter, and are at different places in our businesses but we rally together...and there's room for you and your unique story and perspective… and your voice can help so many other people.



5. Trying New Things Makes us all Better People


Trying new cuisines, having new experiences, getting out of our comfort zones, makes us more well rounded. 


Starting a new business can be scary. 


What IF I suck at this.


What IF it takes too much time.


What IF everyone judges me for doing this.


What IF I don't make money.


What IF I'm not a salesperson


What IF I don't really understand social media.


What IF I don't know enough information.


It was scary for me, too! I didn’t want to have any regrets so I stepped out of my comfort zone, decided what-the-heck and figured it out along the way with this amazingly supportive Beautycounter community.


Now, I am EVER-SO grateful for stepping out of my comfort zone and that moment of YES.



Is this for you???


Only you can decide. Ask yourself these questions.



Could a little extra income make a difference for you and your family?


Would knowing more about the products you use on a daily basis and making the change to safer, cleaner alternatives benefit you and your family?


Are you looking for a community of supportive, amazing people to inspire and bring positivity into your life?


Do you want to be part of a movement that is changing the beauty industry and bringing awareness to the ingredients in our products?


Have you thought about this opportunity more than once?



If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, let's talk! Give yourself a chance to consider what the Beautycounter opportunity could do for you. Ask me all your questions and get all the information before making your decision.


Your moment of going for it, could be something you are always grateful for!



This business is not about selling. It's about sharing. Sharing knowledge you've learned, sharing recommendations, and a desire to help people.


Our goal isn't to be perfect. It's just to do the best we can and have transparent information at our hands to make the best decisions for each of us. To be a more conscious consumer.



Now what?


Is there any part of you that is saying, “what if I gave this a try?”


I’ve mentored hundreds of women (and men!) to help them build their business- whether that’s an extra $100 a week or a full-time income.  


Email me at info@MichelleSchomp.com with your questions!  




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