Hand Sanitizer Dangers : Triclosan & Triclocarban - Shifting the Industry to Better Health

I remember specifically having conversations about hand sanitizer a couple years ago. Discussing with others how studies I've seen point to the dangers of Triclosan and Triclocarban.

Many agreed. Many disagreed - "Do you really think those ingredients would be in our products if they were so unsafe? Studies don't really show that it is unsafe..."

There were decades long lawsuits, plenty of studies and finally the FDA banned the ingredients - after decades of knowledge. DECADES OF KNOWLEDGE? ummm..what?! Oh and get this, those chemicals haven’t even been proven to have anti-bacteria properties.

I'm sure years before, conversations were similar regarding smoking. Warnings ignored for years. People died thinking smoking wasn't harming their health.

When I started working with this company, it was because it is way more than a moisturizer. It's a brand doing good. They are exposing what is going on in the industry and doing so in a very authentic, professional way - educating and advocating. They are a wake up call to consumers and manufacturers. They are on a mission to do better and be a voice for positive, healthy, safer changes.

So, why is it that other brands cry "fear mongering", "not true"? It amazes me. The same brands are also not willing to be transparent.

On a very positive note, things are starting to change. It'll be slow, but it's progress. CVS, Target have started to demand removal of harmful ingredients ...by 2019, I believe.

At our company, we don't claim to be Perfect. We don't claim to be All Natural or Organic. We claim to work towards healthier products that work as well or better than anything else out there, so that people have options for safer, high performing products. And it's fun to see how many people out there have benefited from using less toxins on their body! Healthier = Happier

At our company,

  • We work towards transparency - something lacking in this industry.

  • We work towards advocacy, making a difference in our health with more protective laws.

  • We work towards education. Because isn't it so true that Knowing is half the battle. We want to empower people. Than the decision can be yours.

And it's okay if your decisions aren't 'perfectly healthy'. No one expects that. Mine aren't. #ProgressNotPerfection There are many things I can't control. Many things I choose not to control. Many things that I just let fly because, I don't have the time or energy.

But, I am able to make the best possible decisions for my family, given the information that I know. And that is empowering. Food, skincare, makeup, sunscreen, bath products, kids products - those are things I can control... for the most part.

So when I can, I will. And I hope to give you all the access to the information that has helped me.

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