Fear Mongering

April 28, 2017

Who else hates Fear Mongering?


When traveling, I’ve always found it interesting what is shown on TV and what I find is actually happening in a place. 

Sometimes it is accurate, most of the time it is a bit blown up and sometimes they don’t give enough attention to it.  I guess it is a bit to do with perspective. 


On the other hand, I hear people use the term Fear Mongering when it comes to health, exercise, diet, & products


I typically hear it from 2 types of people.


1st Type:

* Associated with a brand that is not so health conscious or whose platform isn’t to provide transparency.


2nd Type:

* Those wanting to turn a blind eye. They aren’t ready to hear the information or they just don’t want to.



A couple months ago, I wrote this on my facebook group and found it was helpful to a lot of people, so I'll share it here too.


Here is what I wrote:


Is it okay that I get sad when I hear stuff like "we've lived THIS long with these products & ingredients". I feel sad that our system hasn't done it's job educating people- that many times marketing & lobbying money has gotten in the way of truth. 


I still get the question, "Does it really matter? I mean, come on, a little bad lotion isn't going to kill you, right?"

Here's the thing:

Most of the ingredients in today's products haven't been around that long....So don't let your Grandmother tell you she's lived to be 100. She hasn't been subjected (especially at vulnerable ages such as childhood and puberty) to most of the ingredients.


Most ingredients haven't been tested for safety.


Did you hear that?  Have NOT been tested.


I'm sorry, but if someone handed you a new chemical and said "here you go. we aren't sure if this will cause you to get cancer or disrupt your hormones. it might but it might not." ...would you try it?

 Not me.

But guess what... that is exactly what is happening the majority of the products out there. You are the Guinea Pig.


Look, we don't know everything.  But there are plenty of studies showing that some of the ingredients in many of your products are known cancer causing agents (carcinogens).  


You're paying less for those products? Maybe.

But if I offered you a bottle of shampoo that is

--- 50% full of water, 25% full of crap filler ingredients that served no purpose and aren't necessarily safe & 25% full of decent ingredients.

OR a shampoo that is double the price, but is

--- 100% full of ingredients that each serve a purpose and are safer.

WHICH would you choose?


 This is the question you should ask yourself when you are at the store and deciding between products.

So, just error on the side of caution when you can. You can't control all the environmental factors so don't try. Do what you can, where you can. Don't get overwhelmed and let that cause you stress. BUT PLEASE don't turn a blind eye and not do your part to educate yourself and your family.


For me, I was so overwhelmed with the many 'natural', 'greener', 'organic' products on the market and it was too much to research all of them over and over, every time I needed something for my family. So, I found a line I knew did the research for me, that I could trust and that went above & beyond in safety & performance (because, let's face it, without performance, I'm not going to actually use it).


And products is one thing I can control easily...most of the time!


(I can't always control the air I breath, the toys my kids play with nor all the foods that they eat.   And believe me, while we have been traveling, I have let my kids eat more unknown foods than I care to admit, breath more polluted air than is healthy, drink out of more plastic water bottles and be exposed to all sorts of things I can't or choose not to worry about during our adventure.)  


If it's not Beautycounter, just find a company you can trust through & through, so you don't get overwhelmed and frustrated. But don't fall prey to 'it really doesn't matter'. Don't find out the hard way that it actually does matter.  



So, to sum up it up very briefly.  Please don't cry "fear mongering" just to ignore what is really going on.  Please don't cry
"fear mongering" when important knowledge is being passed around so that others can make the best, most educated health decisions for their families.  


Educate yourself.  Then just do the best you can...when you can!






And if you are heavy into research and want some links? (I know a lot of you are!) Here are a few:


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