I Want to be Around People that Do Things

March 25, 2017

There are so many of you that I really think would be amazing to work with at Beautycounter.  At times I want to exclaim,

' Do you know what this could do for your life?'  


And not just financially - a lot of people join for various reasons, not all financially, although it's nice income.  And not just for the job freedom. It's wonderful to have that freedom, don't get me wrong. It's how I'm able to travel the world and work.


But here's the real reason you should join.   The people


The people that you help by providing them information.


The people that you empower by providing them knowledge.


The people whose health you impact now and in the future by being a part of moving this mission forward towards transparency & safety.


The people that you surround yourself with - that you work with at Beautycounter.  

oh my goodness, these people!!  


I'm inspired daily.  


Not all weird fluffy inspiration.  Real, authentic, smart women who support each other. Who empower each other. Who are there for each other and who don't hold judgement to each other.  Do you know how that feels?  It's amazing. It's a community of women I feel privileged to have gotten to know and can call friends.

It's something I didn't expect when joining Beautycounter, but has been far more powerful than I could have imagined.



I wonder how I got so lucky to have come across this opportunity and have met all these people who give positivity to my day.  Then I realize, it was me who took that step, who let go of any fear I had, who let go of any judgement about direct sales. And I give myself a little pat on the back for actually taking that leap and doing something for me.



Afterall, we are mothers and wives and sisters and daughters. We have a lot on our plates and are trying to keep our heads above water.  We want to be here and there and everywhere.  But let's not forget ourselves. Let's not forget that we need something for us too. It makes us better mothers and wives and sister and daughters.  



Maybe it's to be able to contribute to our families financially, maybe it's on outlet for us to have a voice for our passion, maybe it's a way for us to have a support system with like-minded women, maybe it's a place to find friends, maybe it's a way for us to have an impact on the health of our families and our world.  


Whatever your reason, I know that 'I want to be around people that do things.' 


So who's with me? 




More info about joining Beautycounter can be found here or email me at info@michelleschomp.com



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