Safer Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

All year long I see unique, perfect gift ideas...then the holidays roll around and I can't think of one good gift. Here, I've put together a list of safer, healthier gift ideas for everyone on your list!


Maple Wooden Teether (and other wooden toys)

Personalized Books (We've received a few of these and adore them!)

Eco-Friendly “play dough”

All Natural Paint

Beeswax Crayons

Lunchskins (reusable fun sandwich & snack bags)


Dry Brush

Tongue Scraper (Ha, but seriously, everyone in my family is getting one of these for the Holidays)

Beeswax Candles

Swell Water Bottle or Sip by Swell (cheaper and slightly different) at Target

Organic Hydroponic Herb Garden

Bees Wrap Food Wrap (Natural Plastic Wrap for Food Storage)

Essential Oils &/or Aromatherapy Diffuser (replace candles in making the home smell delicious & can be used in place of medicine & to soothe ailments). My favorite EOs are Young Living & DoTerra. (I have wonderful contacts for both if you are interested, message me at

Not Just Another Pretty Face (Book)

Sweet Laurel Baked Goods (A friend just introduced me and I like what I see "organic, whole wacky gums or stabilizers! She has a cake mix, vegan caramel & vanilla!

EcoSphere Forget the aquarium, get this! (First developed by NASA, this is an entire ecosystem that is self-contained in a glass globe. The shrimp eat the microorganisms in the sea water, which grow due to the algae and other bacteria. Everything remains in perfect balance. Pretty cool gift)


Oh She Glows (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!)

Wellness Mama Cookbook (Haven’t gotten this one yet, but plan to!)

Chocolate Covered Katie (for those that love to bake)

Giving the Gift of High Quality, Safe Products is not only a nice gift, it's one that you will feel good about because you are giving products that aren't filled with nasty ingredients that are linked to various health problems (as is the case of most of the beauty and personal care product you purchase at stores):

Beautycounter for the Win!

Not only amazing products, but many of the Holiday Sets come in a beautiful red gift NO WRAPPING REQUIRED! Did you hear me?! NO WRAPPING REQUIRED!!!

You can't go wrong with these gifts...and if for some reason you do go wrong, Beautycounter has a generous 60-day money back - no questions asked policy!

Enjoy shopping this holiday season!


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