Where does Beautycounter Manufacturer their Products?

I get this question a lot, so I thought I would do my best to lay out our where Beautycounter currently manufactures their products.

Where is Beautycounter Headquartered?

Beautycounter's headquarters is located in Santa Monica, California, United States.

Where are Beautycounter's Products Manufactured?

Most of our products are manufactured throughout the United States in manufacturing facilities that meet our standards for purity & safety.

There are a few exceptions, where we needed to manufacturer overseas in order to meet our needs for safety, testing, purity, etc.

All pressed powders are manufactured in Italy. Though we believe in supporting

domestic manufacturing whenever possible, we ultimately didn’t find a lab in the U.S. who could meet our needs. We partnered with a manufacturer in Italy that would do the small batch testing that Beautycounter requires. We also found that the soil in Italy contains far less heavy metals than that in the US and other parts of the country.

Beautycounter's Cosmetic Brushes are manufactured in China. There are actually no brush manufacturers in the United States - all production takes place overseas in China. As soon as there is a local supplier in the US that we can partner with, we will most certainly do so.

Besides those products, all of Beautycounter's other products are currently manufactured in the United States.

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