Toothpaste, Deodorant, Laundry, Oh My!

I get frustrated too when looking for safer I definitely feel your pain! While Beautycounter has given me peace of mind and just saves me time & frustration, they don't carry all the products I need.

My facebook group has been really helpful with product recommendations & DIY solutions.

Here are a few safer solutions for toothpaste, deodorant & laundry that I'm really liking or that have been recommended by quite a few people! Toothpaste:

  • I recently tried "Uncle Harry's Peppermint Toothpaste" and love it. It comes in a glass jar and is made with Bentonite Clay - which has so many benefits for your teeth & gums. The toothpaste is quite flavorful - like a bursting mint flavor, but leaves your mouth & teeth very fresh and clean.

  • I do love Dr Bronners's Peppermint Toothpaste (to my knowledge, it was recently reformulated and no longer has carrageenan in it!!)

  • For Kids: I'm still on the hunt for a perfect kids toothpaste. I let my 3 yo daughter use Jack n Jill or Dr Bronner's. I prefer her using Dr. Bronner's actually. I don't like the unknown "organic natural flavor" in Jack n Jill. Uncle Harry's was too much for her - she said it made her mouth burn...I think because of the strong peppermint flavor. And for my 1 year old son, I use water or coconut oil for now.

Courtesy of one of my facebook members, here is a Tooth Powder DIY Recipe that she swears by and has said "ZERO cavities for the kids since we made the switch -you know what a HUGE deal that is at our house!"

"Bentonite Clay, Baking Soda, Young Living Essential Oils, pinch of pink salt."

Deodorant: I'm a fan of Primal Pit Paste (I prefer the Unscented and purchase it on Amazon or a health food

store) or Green Tidings (unscented; Amazon - but it's harder to find and only comes in a smaller size). There were also a lot of votes for the CRYSTAL Body Deodorant! For Men: Primal Pit Paste (unscented) would be my first pick. Although, I just purchased Wish We Had Acres Men's Deodorant (Etsy, scent "Lumber Sexual" (hehe)) - going to have my hubby try it out and I'll let you know if it works. Laundry:

Soap Berries/Soap Nuts (Amazon or and typically a capful of Thieves Household Cleaner (Young Living).

I feel like the organic soap berries are about as clean of a product as I'm going to find right now. Although, every once in a while, I still use the Honest Company Pods because I had so many left over...but I'm still unsure about their laundry products.

Some members of my facebook group recently posted some DIY Laundry Recipes:

"I use 1 part Dr Bronners lavender Castile soap (I grate with a cheese grater), 2 parts borax and 2 parts arm n hammer super washing soda. I use 1/8 cup for regular loads and 1/4 cup for heavily soiled loads. I also use yore ganics stain spray if needed!"

"1 (4lb 12 oz) box of Borax, 1 (3lb 7oz) box Super Washing Soda, 1 (3lb) container of OxyClean, 1 (4lb) box of baking soda, 3 (4oz) bars of Kirk's Coco Castile soap (any castile soap will work such as Dr. Bronners). Add all the powder into a large container such as a 5gal bucket or plastic tote. Then grate the soap with either a hand grater or food processer. Mix all the ingredients together. Then you only need 1-2 T for each load. You can reduce by 1/2 if you have an HE machine. This soap will last 6 mos - 1 year depending on many loads you are washing and it only costs @ $20"


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