Don't Wash Your Newborn Baby

It may seem crazy to you. I sell an amazing, safer baby wash with great ingredients. So why am I telling you not to wash your Newborn Baby?

For the first few weeks of life (and at least until the umbilical cord falls off), there is no need to bathe your newborn with any type of soap. A wet washcloth will do - only when needed.

Why wait a few weeks (or longer) to give your baby a proper bath?

1. Your newborn isn't getting dirty - Just keep their face, neck and diaper area clean & dry.

2. Your newborn's skin is vulnerable - His/her skin has just been exposed to the outside world and doesn't need to be exposed to any other ingredients (especially if the products your using haven't been screened for safety- which is unfortunately the majority of the products that line our store shelves).

3. Don't Wash off the Vernix- It can help protect your newborn, even outside the womb. (Read more important info about Vernix here)

4. Too much bathing will dry out their skin.

When you are ready to give your precious newborn a proper bath with soap, make sure you are using one with ingredients that won't harm your baby or strip their delicate skin. And even then, you shouldn't bathe your infant everyday. (Heck, it'll save you money too!)

What would I suggest?

Because a baby's skin is really susceptible to harmful ingredients. Because transparency and screening ingredients for safety is really important. Because I know they are actually looking out for the consumer. Because the products work amazingly well. I suggest Beautycounter.

Review of Beautycounter's Baby Line:

Beautycounter's Baby line is naturally tear-free (using PH Balancing instead of the questionable tear free agents).

  • Gentle All Over Wash – A little goes a long way, it lathers and is great for cleaning skin & hair - without stripping their delicate skin or natural oils.

  • Daily Protective Balm – Many uses: diaper rash (can be used with cloth diapers too!), eczema treatment, lock in moisturizer, chapped cheeks, or to soothe minor scrapes. (I used it on a mole I had removed and it was a wonderful safer replacement for Vaseline or Neosporin)

  • Soothing Oil – Only 4 ingredients make up this clean and simple oil. It's wonderful for a post bath baby massage and absorbs nicely into their skin. (Bonus, I add a little body oil to my Hydrate Body Lotion for some added moisture and it's luxurious!)