Feeling Overwhelmed Switching Products

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with where to start switching out your skincare/makeup/personal care/baby/kids products and replacing them with safer options for you and your family?

Well, kuddos to you! You are making an effort and taking the first steps. Not easy to recognize that there is a need for change and then actually do it.

I know when I first started researching what I was putting on my body I couldn't stop. But with all the information, I was completely overwhelmed. I was driving myself crazy...mainly because I didn't know which companies to trust and where to turn to.

Sound familiar?

You aren't alone, I promise. So where should you start?


Products you put on your skin and leave on until your next shower. For example, BODY LOTION is a fabulous place to start. It's usually one of the least expensive items and most people slather it on from head to toe and don't rinse it again until their next shower.

Once you've changed this out, take a moment and be proud!

*NOTE: If you have babies, young children, teenagers, are pregnant, have hormone or autoimmune disease - these are the groups of people that are more at risk to be negatively effected by terrible ingredients. Switch their products out first.

If you've taken a deep breathe and are excited for your safer product journey...

Then Go Here:

SUNSCREEN - You are attempting to do good by slathering on sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun, but the ingredients in your sunscreen may be doing more harm than good. See why Here.


LIP STICK- You basically eat it and so many lipsticks contain heavy metals (they won't be listed as an ingredient and many companies fail to test for heavy metals)


SKINCARE - You can bump this one toward the top if you are using skincare that contains the ingredients "Fragrance", "PEGs", "EDTA", "Hydroquinone" "Retinyl palmitate" , "Retinol (Vitamin A)", Phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP and others), Parabens (methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl- and others), Mineral Oil (also listed as liquid paraffin; liquid petrolatum; paraffin oil), BHA, BHT...or any other ingredients listed here


DEODORANT - If you haven't heard the million reasons to switch from your terrible Secret & Dove deodorants..well, here is a crash course (taken from Safe Mama's article):

"Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants use an aluminum compound as the active ingredient. Dove’s active ingredient is ALUMINUM ZIRCONIUM TETRACHLOROHYDREX GLYCINE COMPLEX (mmmm that sounds safe). Some studies have shown there to be a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s and possibly some forms of breast cancers. It’s true that all the research is not conclusive but it does suggest a possible link, not to mention the evidence indicating a strong link, and that’s enough for me to want to avoid it. You will always find evidence to the contrary but the research is continuing. But that’s not all there is to be concerned about. Deodorants are also laden with hormone disrupting chemicals like parabens and phthalates which mimic estrogen and are linked to a bevy of health issues. (Early puberty in girls, premature delivery, impaired sperm quality and sperm damage in men, genital defects and reduced testosterone production in boys, genital defects and testicular cancer. Studies are now showing that phthalates are linked to obesity.

I’ve read a lot of studies and while all research is typically inconclusive or a big fat “maybe” I feel that enough evidence is there to warrant concerns. These are petrochemicals that are over-processed and you’re applying them to your underarms every single day. That’s a lot of exposure to chemicals that may very well cause some serious health issues."

My favorites are Primal Pit Paste & Green Tidings...but members of my facebook group have also highly recommended: Thai Crystal deodorant stone, Schmidt's, and the "lumber sexual" deodorant here has been recommended for the Men out there - who doesn't love that name?!


MAKEUP - Again, this typically stays on your skin for hours. What's worse is that even companies I thought were safer (Tarte, Bare Minerals), let me down. And I don't know of many companies besides Beautycounter (although I'm sure there have to be others, right?) that test for Heavy Metals in the ingredients and during production.

If you are still with me - YOU ROCK! You know better and are really doing something about it.

So, what next?

  • BATH PRODUCTS (shampoo, conditioner, body wash)





Want even more? Or specific recommendations? Email me at michelleschomp@gmail.com