Say what? Beautycounter in Target!

When I first researched Beautycounter, I believed they were innovative, transparent, truthful and utterly concerned with safety and high performing products...I believed they gave me freedom so that I didn’t have to worry about researching every single product before I purchased it.

Last summer, I decided to join Beautycounter because I believed I could help share this information and educate many of my friends and family - so that we are all aware that the products currently residing on our store shelves and online aren’t always safe.

Now I know I teamed up with the right brand...a company that has a massive vision for getting safe products into the hands of all types of communities. From bringing Madame-Athena Chang onboard to reach diverse communities across the country to amazing partnerships with Target.

Yes, Target!

In case you haven’t heard all the hype...a select few of Beautycounter’s amazing products will be available in most Target stores...for just a few short weeks this Fall 2016. Target saw Beautycounter as a high end, safer, disruptive and amazing beauty brand...and they wanted Beautycounter to be showcased in their stores. (Lilly Pulitzer for designer clothes and Beautycounter for high end, safer beauty- score!)

High End and Safe Beauty…

I believe this is only the beginning of a lot of amazing things that Beautycounter will do and bring to the communities.

Announcement in press:

"Target's 1st Limited Edition Partnership with a Beauty Brand in it's 7 year history"...they sought after Beautycounter because it is an up and coming brand high performing brand that is making a difference.

The outpouring of support has been great. We believe we have something special...if you want to join us to help educate women around the world about safer beauty, we would love to have you on our team. You can touch base with me at to find out more!