The United States only Restricts 11 Ingredients. The European Union BANS over 1300.

When I use to go into a store...whether it be CVS or Nordstrom, I assumed that the products they were selling were safe. I assumed the the government had screened them to make sure that they were labeled properly. I assumed that the company was transparent in their claims. I assumed the sales people/makeup artists/estheticians knew what they were talking about in terms of safety.


The Cosmetic & Personal Care industry in the United States is HIGHLY UNREGULATED. This means that the consumer must take the time to decipher ingredients for safety and to then double check the company to make sure they are transparent. Who has time for that?

This is the main reason I switched brands completely. I was sick of spending time trying to decipher if a product was safe or not. I got annoyed when I finally found a safe product, to then realize that not all the products the company made were safe or that they weren’t as safe as I thought. And who knows if the company was being transparent with their ingredients or tested anything for safety or sourced responsibility or tested for Heavy Metals.

What I love about Beautycounter is that they do all the work for you. They have a rigorous screening process, they source responsibly, they test for things like heavy metals in their cosmetics, they are constantly evaluating ingredients for the latest safety data and every ingredient in their products has a purpose. The result is incredibly high performing, safer products.

So what are all the banned and restricted ingredients? Below are links to the 1300+ Ingredients that are banned in the EU, as well as the 600+ banned in Canada...and of course the measly 11 restricted in the U.S.

Then comes Beautycounter’s Never List, which is a compilation of ingredients they’ve found to be the most harmful in your personal care & beauty products. Of course, even though there is no federal regulation in the United States, Beautycounter has banned over 1500 ingredients. This includes all 1300+ ingredients which have been banned in the EU, the 11 restricted in the US and additional ingredients which Beautycounter has studied and have found harmful. They are continually seeking data on ingredients and they don’t assume that an ingredient is safe just because it has limited or no data.

Ingredients Banned in European Union

United States FDA Banned/Restricted Ingredient List

Canadian Banned Ingredient List

Beautycounter Never List