More about the incredible business opportunity with Beautycounter

Becoming a Beautycounter consultant is a financially rewarding business while making a significant social impact for future generations.

Do you sometimes feel like having a little extra spending cash would be helpful - to pay for vacations, kids activities, or your shopping sprees ;) ?


Do you miss having something for yourself where you feel like you can make a difference in people's lives?


Do you ultimately want more flexibility and time to do the things you love in life?


Do you want to be part of a community that helps and supports, inspires and empowers one another?

Hot off the Press

It really started as more of a gig “let’s see what this is about although I may fail” type of thing. And then I proceeded to earn a few hundred extra dollars on the side.

Soon it turned into more of a job (although a fun, flexible one), bringing in some solid extra cash.

Now it has turned into more of a career, a true business (one I can do when and where I want), bringing in a full time income.

MY WHAT IFs have turned into WHAT IF I HADN'T

I had many what if's before joining Beautycounter...

  • What IF I suck at this.

  • What IF it takes too much time.

  • What IF everyone judges me for doing this.

  • What IF I don't make money.

  • What IF I'm not a salesperson

  • What IF I don't really understand social media.

  • What IF I don't know enough information.

I didn’t want to have regrets so I took a leap of faith, decided what-the-heck ...and with the same 24 hrs in a day that we are all given, just figured it out along the way...and did it with such an amazingly supportive Beautycounter community.

Now, I am EVER-SO grateful for that moment of YES.



Looking for some details & real-real talk?

                                                   Check out these videos

In this video,  I'll answer some of the most common questions I'm asked and get real personal - even going into detail about my paychecks and how I got there!

In this video, leader, Keri Bell and I discuss common questions and concerns + get a peek at just a few of our amazing team members on our "Beauty on a Mission Team"!

If you are ready to become a consultant or just want a little more information, click here

Ready to Enroll? Make sure you see my name (or the consultant who you are working with) listed as your mentor.


Beautycounter is continuing to lead the way in clean beauty and beyond. I don't know another company out there doing what we are doing and I'm incredibly proud to be a part of this movement.  

We would love for you to join us and if you have any questions, whatsoever, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at or on Instagram @RetiredToddlers or @MichelleSchomp

This is an absolute MUST WATCH!  Beautycounter Founder & CEO, Gregg Renfrew, and Chief Field Development Officer, Gina Murphy, went LIVE for an engaging chat about the origins of Beautycounter, the evolution of our products, and the clean beauty business opportunity. 

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