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Are you trying to swap out toxic products in your personal care & beauty routine for cleaner options?  


Have you heard of Beautycounter's amazing product performance, but have yet to try a sample?

Here is your chance!

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Before I started using Beautycounter products I was overwhelmed trying to find nontoxic products that actually worked. Beautycounter became a lifesaver for me and my skin. Now I don't have to spend endless hours in the store or scouring the internet to find really great products for me and my family. 


Beautycounter screens every ingredient for safety, (including safety during pregnancy, nursing and for children); they ban over 1,500 ingredients on their "The Never List" (compare this to the measly 30 that the US bans- and the fact that US personal care laws haven't had a major update since the late 1930s).  


We carefully select each ingredient for performance and safety (taking care to not include hormone & endocrine disruptors). While it may take us years to formulate products, you know when it comes to market it is amazing, safe and innovative. 


And that is why so many people are seeking out Beautycounter products - they perform, they are transparent and they are cleaner. 


But you don't have to take my word for it! If you have never tried Beautycounter before I would love to help you develop a skincare routine that is perfect for your specific needs. Simply fill out the form so I can learn a little more about you and your skin and I'll send you a sample packet of products I know you're going to love!






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Enjoy some Beautycounter samples!
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*Please note by filling out this form you agree to use your samples within two weeks of receiving them and get back to me with your feedback.

I will contact you within 48 hours to get your address and confirm the samples I'm sending will meet your skincare needs!

Please read: Beautycounter is a certified B Corporation, with a commitment to people- planet- and safe ingredients, as well as being transparent about what’s in each of their products. Know that when you use these products you’re using some of the safest products currently available in the US- perhaps the world. And while these products are safer, know they also perform!

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