One of the stops on our Around the World in 80 Days trip was to visit Laos. Our time in Laos was packed with adventure and off the beaten path experiences, thanks to a great tour company in Laos and Southeast Asia, called Journeys Within.

Want to travel around the world? Think you need a million dollars? I’ll give you a clue, we didn’t have a million dollars, we have never received any trust funds, nor did anyone give us any money.

Retired Toddlers traveled through Barbados for two weeks in October - with our toddlers and their grandparents! We found some really unique experiences in Barbados and tons of activities that were perfect for traveling with kids, but that us adults enjoyed just as much!  A great multi-generational trip!

For an off the beaten path unique trip as a family, Egypt is a must with kids. We found a wonderful tour company, Real Egypt to help plan our activities in Egypt with kids and to keep safety in mind. Felucca overnight sail down the Nile, overnight train from Cairo to Luxor and cooking classes in Egypt, were just a few highlights for the Retired Toddlers traveling family.

Who would have thought that our crazy idea to sell the house and travel would have taken us all over the world?! During that time we've had some incredible experiences and learned a lot - both about traveling and building a successful Beautycounter business.

If you're looking for a sunscreen that won't leave a chalky residue and will give you a beautiful bronzed tan in just 1 minute WHILE providing SPF 30 broad spectrum protection you're in luck! The Countersun Tinted Mineral Sunscreen does all this and so. much. more.

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