Have you heard of the crab anaolgy?  A bunch of crabs are in a bucket and one crawls to the top and is about to make his way out, but instead, he is hindered by his unsupportive crab buddies who don't want him to succeed. They pull him back down. 

"If I Can't Have It, Neither Can You"   

Human Behavior, is sadly, very similar.  A group (of friends, of family memembers, of colleagues) that trie...

There are so many of you that I really think would be amazing to work with at Beautycounter.  At times I want to exclaim,

' Do you know what this could do for your life?'  

And not just financially - a lot of people join for various reasons, not all financially, although it's nice income.  And not just for the job freedom. It's wonderful to have that freedom, don't get me wrong. It's how I'm able to tra...

And more about what it is like to be a consultant with Beautycounter...



Like many people, I said NO, NEVER, NOT ME!  I’m not going into MLM or Direct Sales or whatever it is.  I don’t want to sell to people. I don’t have the time.


Now on the other hand, I don’t want a job where I have to sit in an office all day just to collect a paycheck from a company I don’t even care for all that much. I don...

Well, hate is a strong word.  Let’s just say, I just really dislike it.  So, naturally I’m starting a blog, ha.   


I decided to start this blog after a number of requests from those in my online facebook group.  Thanks for the constant support and encouragement.  I am truly flattered when people text or email or send me a message asking for advice or help...on anything from food to drin...

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